About Jan Grant

Jan Grant

Jan Grant

"Jan has many years experience as a trainer, supervisor and counsellor. Jan's knowledge in each of these areas is vast, and this is especially displayed in her role as a supervisor where her insights into human behaviour are profound".
- Lesley-Anne Psychotherapist

Jan Grant began her career in early childhood education and later, in adult education.

Today, Jan is one of Sydney's most experienced counsellors and psychotherapists with almost 30 years in private counselling practice seeing individuals and couples.

Jan divides her time between her own counselling practice in Glebe and her work at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, where she supervises Bachelors and Masters students and teaches Counselling Skills, Groupwork, Family and Relationship Counselling and Social, Legal and Ethical Issues.

Jan Grant’s Counselling Practice

In her counselling practice, Jan draws on two main methodologies which inform her practice. The first is transactional analysis, which provides a positive view of human nature and people’s capacity to change.  Transactional analysis is a contractual method of counselling, which starts with the changes you want to make. For more information visit Australian Transactional Analysis Association and/or International Transactional Analysis Association

The second is Imago, which is a unique method of working with couples, devised by Harville Hendrix. The aim of Imago Therapy is to create a safe space where couples can talk about the issues that are bothering them. The counsellor facilitates a dialogue between partners and this process can be practised at home. For more information visit Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.