Individual & Couples Counselling & Supervision


Sometimes it makes a tremendous difference to talk to someone safe and understanding, who is outside your family and social network.

The job of the counsellor is to listen empathically to what is going on for you, to pick up on themes and to help you find solutions that will work for you. 

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If you are seeking couples counselling the counsellor’s job is to be impartial, to focus on your relationship, to assist you and your partner to find satisfying ways to relate to each other.

It is much more effective to seek treatment early, rather waiting until things have got really bad.

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Supervision provides a safe place for practitioners to reflect on their practice, discuss client cases, process their own reactions to clients and to prevent burnout.

It ensures the delivery of a quality service to clients and helps practitioners focus on their strengths, areas for growth and Professional Development needs.

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